Welcome to my Spine Chillers Website

I went to school in the 50’s and in the process obtained an education that was I think best described  as rounded.
With very little TV, we certainly didn’t have one,  the only means of entertainment other than those books which usually started with a number and ended with things to do, was the radio and the  necessity to use your imagination to build a whole world around the spoken word. With the lights out you could almost imagine you were part of the story.

My school got me interested in history, geography, where I discovered a world outside the UK. All of which sent me scurrying to the library to find out more. No internet only a lot of legwork.

I Love Spine Chillers Home I Love Spine Chillers Home I Love Spine Chillers Home

Here lies the problem. I read and read and in the process became the font of all knowledge which enabled me not only to bore all and sundry but to achieve some pretty useful GSE passes in the process.

All this was about to change. One weekend on a visit to a friend of my mothers, I found myself sitting in front of their TV when on comes a BBC episode of Quatermass.  I was hooked. There was something out there other than the countless episodes of Dick Barton and Journey into Space, and I didn’t need to close my eyes to imagine what was going on. There it was  on the screen and quite frankly at my age it gave me a fright.

I needed to find out more and so my visits to the library saw me searching in other sections. Ghost stories became popular as they tended to be short and exciting. I became aware of Dracula, read Frankstein and the works of Edgar Allan Poe and tried not to become too afraid of the Dark. My tastes on the silver screen changed too. Instead of lay back war heroes like John Mills, Vincent Price and Peter Cushing came on the scene and I discovered that the horror movie had in fact been around for a very long time.

This love of horror and its ability to thrill has never gone away and has now led to me wanting to create my very own website.

I have checked out many sites in my quest to put this together and have come to the conclusion that for people to enjoy it has to be uncomplicated with a lot of content and a timeline. If I go onto a site I am interested in what it is offering for my interest with an indication of how it evolved over the years.

The decision is therefore to keep it simple. Everybody offers film clips, poor quality films to stream, self opinionated views of the films and very little else. Here I have endeavoured to tell the story of the film through the synopsis, provide a background  to these films through the directors and actors and to combine it with my love of radio. The ability to listen to some good old fashioned radio whilst on the move. On the train you can also close your eyes and let your imagination run away with itself?

In addition I have also created a section on British murders that at the time they happened captivated the public at large.

Over the coming months I aim to add to all of this with more like content and through the timeline  enable people to see how it all developed and why certain periods stand out. Through the directors of the time and the iconic actors who through their performances, captivated us.