Actors, the icons of the era, whose passing has left us with a legacy that will endure forever.

The silent era of film making had generated a whole host of actors and actresses who were able to tell a story through mime. With the arrival of the talking pictures many of them did not make the grade for vocal skills also became a key necessity for success. Exit stage left.

There was however no shortage of stars waiting in the wings and thus the void was soon filled. If we just take a quick look of this up and coming talent we will see that our icon directors were spoilt for choice.

Apart from our main stars in the guise of Karloff, Lugosi, Lorre we had countless others.

Let me give you a flavour and you will find that some became screen icons whilst others always took a backstage stance. although the films  they appeared in would have been poorer without them,

We have Fay Wray, soon to be a household name for her role in King Kong. Lionell Atwill who graced the screen as the ‘baddy’ we willed to be captured. Valerie Hobson the young English actress who was to star in her own right and appear alongside Lawrence Oliver. Joel McCrea who went on to be a Hollywood star.

My favourite, George Hayes who played David Fells in House of Mystery 1934. He also entertained us  in more Roy Rogers films than I can remember. We all remember Gabby Hayes.

An elite that we all grew to love.