Boris Karloff



Boris Karloff was just one of many who were renowned for their radio performances as well as those on the silver screen. He just happened to be one of the best. Resulting from this we all can enjoy this great icon and his theatre of the mind exploits.


      Spns127 450125 Drury's Bones Boris Karloff
      Spns276 471219 Wet Saturday
      Lights Out 380406 Cat Wife
      Lights Out 470716 Death Robbery
      Inner Sanctum 451030 The Man Who Couldn t Die
      Inner Sanctum 451106 Wailing Wall
      Inner Sanctum 520622 Birdsong for a Murderer
      Inner Sanctum 520706 Death Pays the Freight
      Inner Sanctum 520712 Death For Sale with Karloff
      Inner Sanctum 410525 Death Is a Joker
      Inner Sanctum 410803 The Tell-Tale Heart
      Inner Sanctum 451023 The Corridor of Doom
      Creeps by Night 440502 Final Reckoning
      Creeps by Night The Hunt
      Creeps by Night Three Sisters
      Creeps by Night Walking Dead