Denison Clift


Born May 3rd 1885 San Francisco
Died  17th December 1961 Los Angeles

Denison Clift was educated at Stanford University. He  was a former  short story writer, a novelist and playwright. He arrived in the film industry in 1918 and wrote the screenplay for William S. Hart’s Wolves of the Rail.  He was a contract writer with Fox and was eventually  promoted to director in 1920.

Less than a year later, he was amongst  several American directors who were imported into the  British film industry. The idea was to inject a little Hollywood magic into was then considered to be the rather staid reputation the UK domestic silent films had attracted. Clift went on to direct such successful British melodramas as Demos (1921) featuring fellow American expatriate Evelyn Brent and The Love of Mary, Queen of Scots (1923), with Fay Compton in the title role.

He remained in Great Britain with the transition to sound and it was then that he directed the 1935 version of The Mystery of the Marie Celeste, which incidentally he also wrote.  He was however far busier in his career as a  freelance screenwriter.

Film History

1935 The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (story)

1934 Warn London (novel)

1932 Man About Town (novel)

1931 El impostor (play “Scotland Yard”)

1930 Detective Clive Bart (play)

1929 City of Play (writer)

1929 High Seas (writer)

1929 Power Over Men (story)

1928 The Bride of the Colorado (continuity)

1928 The Woman Disputed (play)

1927 The Yankee Clipper (story)

1924 Flames of Desire

1924 Honour Among Men

1923 The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots (writer)

1922 Bentley’s Conscience

1921 The Old Wives’ Tale

1921 Sonia

1920 The Challenge of the Law

1920 Firebrand Trevison

1920 Square Shooter (screenplay) / (story)

1920 Her Honour the Mayor (scenario)

1920 The Little Wanderer (screenplay) / (story)

1920 The Spirit of Good (scenario)

1920 The Iron Heart (scenario)

1920 The Tattlers (scenario)

1920 The Last Straw (scenario)

1920 The Hell Ship (scenario)

1920 What Would You Do? (screenplay) / (story)

1919 Lost Money (screenplay) / (story)

1919 A Girl in Bohemia (writer)

1919 The Speed Maniac (scenario)

1919 Snares of Paris (scenario) / (story)

1919 The Splendid Sin (scenario)

1919 Rose of the West (scenario) / (story)

1919 When Fate Decides (scenario)

1919 The Divorce Trap (writer)

1919 The Coming of the Law (scenario)

1919 The Love That Dares (scenario)

1919 Gambling in Souls (writer)

1919 The Call of the Soul (writer)

1918 And a Still Small Voice (story)

1918 The Midnight Patrol (scenario)

1918 The Danger Zone (scenario)

1918 His Birthright (story)

1918 Wedlock (screenplay) / (story)