Halloween is a date in our calendars that brings out thoughts of sweet treats and the macabre. It is not surprising therefore that the radio broadcasters produced so many fine offerings in an attempt to scare us. Be it ghouls, evil spirits, ghosts and all things gothic we have it here.  Halloween, or Hallowe’en, also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.


      Clock 471009 Lefty and Delilah
      Dark Fantasy 411128 Thing from Sea
      Dark Fantasy 420102 Resolution, 1841
      Dark Fantasy 420123 Headless Dead
      Dark Fantasy 420130 Death Is a Savage Diety
      Dark Fantasy 420306 Man with Scarlet Satchell
      Dark Fantasy 420320 Pennsylvania Turnpike
      Dark Fantasy 420515 Coffin for Two
      Escape 006 470811 Ring Of Thoth
      Escape 015 471119 Casting Runes
      Escape 074 490320 Country Of Blind
      Escape 097 491115 Three Skeleton Key
      Escape 129 500630 Bloodbath
      Escape 144 501105 Earth Abides Pt1Eastcoast
      Lights Out 380511 It Happened
      Lights Out 470716 Death Robbery
      Murder Midnight 461216 Murder Is Lonely Business
      Murder Midnight 461230 Kabalah
      Mysterious Traveler 440416 Accusing Corpse
      Mysterious Traveler 440924 Death Laughs Last
      Mysterious Traveler 480810 Visiting Corpse
      Mysterious Traveler 490329 Death has Cold Breath
      Mysterious Traveler 510828 Fire in Sky
      Shadow 400121 Precipice Called Death
      Shadow 400303 Laughing Corpse
      Shadow 490306 Unto Death Do Us Part
      Suspense 430923 Most Dangerous Game
      Suspense 480207 Donovans Brain
      Suspense 440525 Donovans Brain Part 2
      Suspense 440601 Fugue In C Minor
      Suspense 461205 House In Cypress Canyon
      Suspense 480207 Donovans Brain
      Suspense 490623 Ghost Hunt
      Unexpected Mercy Killing
      Whisperer 510715 02 Attempted murder
      Whisperer 510930 13 Strange Bed Fellows
      Whistler 421018 023 Death Comes at Midnight
      Whistler 460909 226 Witness At Fountain
      Whistler 520309 513 Break Away
      Witchs Tale 310611 WereWolf
      Witchs Tale 330306 Graveyard Mansion
      Witchs Tale 350717 Frankenstein
      Hall of Fantasy 530427 Wild Huntsman
      Hall of Fantasy 530504 Idol of Kromm Kroc
      Hermits Cave 13 House Of Purple Shadows
      Inner Sanctum 450417 Judas Clock
      Inner Sanctum 451106 Wailing Wall
      Inner Sanctum 451218 Undead
      Inner Sanctum 491031 Corpse for Halloween
      Lights Out 371229 Dark