The plots of Peril are original and well constructed. The characters are complex, and the acting is surprisingly good as there are not many recognisable actors presenting it. Expect  twist and turns to each story.


      Peril (Assassin) - Artist
      Peril (Assignment in the Dark) - Artist
      Peril (Cup of Tea) - Artist
      Peril (Curse of Ramses) - Artist
      Peril (Dark Desperation) - Artist
      Peril (Darkness Within) - Artist
      Peril (Desperate Tuesday) - Artist
      Peril (Escape to Eternity) - Artist
      Peril (Flight to Nowhere) - Artist
      Peril (Killer) - Artist
      Peril (Man Against the City {P - Artist
      Peril (Mask of Hate) - Artist
      Peril (One Life For Three) - Artist
      Peril (Sanctuary) - Artist
      Peril (Showdown) - Artist
      Peril (Sidewalk Empire) - Artist
      Peril (Squeeze Play) - Artist
      Peril (The Diary) - Artist


      Peril (The Gamble) - Artist