Peter Lorre

peter lorre


The stars of this period were as active in radio broadcasting as they were in films. Peter Lorre was one of the greats as his unique voice sent chills down your spine. He appeared as a guest on many shows in addition to having his own series.


      Inner Sanctum 410525 Death Is a Joker
      MP 450424 The Cask of Amontillado
      MP 450722 The Alphabet Club
      MP 460520 Dark Venture Turnabout
      MP 460520 Turnabout


      MP Boarder
      MP Bright Horizon-The Whistler
      MP Dark Venture The Boarder
      MP Death Marks the Double Cross-The Whistler
      MP Doctor Prescribes Death-The Whistler
      MP Gangster Douglas Grant
      MP Girl That Came Back
      MP Leg Man
      MP Mr Randall's Discovery
      MP Murder Threatened
      MP NW Last Laugh Murder
      Spns021 421215 Til Death Do Us Part Peter Lorre
      Spns025 430119 Devils Saint Peter Lorre
      Spns038 430420 Moment Of Darkness
      Spns071 431223 Back For Christmas Peter Lorre
      Spns101 440720 Of Maestro And Men
      Spns156 450830 Nobody Loves Me