OTR Samples

Quiet pleasesample choice 6WeirdCircle

Where to start ? There is so much quality radio out there that it is difficulty to know where.  A random sample then to stir the interest ? Based on what I liked.

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      Lights Out 470716 Death Robbery
      Inner Sanctum 451023 The Corridor of Doom
      MP Girl That Came Back
      Hermits Cave 01 Notebook on Murder
      Peril (The Gamble) - Artist
      Knightsbridge Mystery - Weird Circle, the
      Spns156 450830 Nobody Loves Me
      Creeps by Night Walking Dead
      Witchs Tale 310611 WereWolf
      Whistler 460909 226 Witness At Fountain
      Whisperer 510715 02 Attempted murder
      Weird Circle ep64 Oblong Box
      Quiet Please 480202 Pathetic Fallacy